At Thompson CPA, we’ll make the whole process of preparing your taxes easier. We offer a comprehensive Tax Preparation Services program that includes Business and Individual together with Fiduciary Tax Returns, Estate Tax Returns, and Final Individual Tax Returns. Whether you need assistance with your annual tax return, a loved one’s final tax return, or determining what is owed on an estate, you can be sure that your tax preparations will be in full compliance with Federal and State requirements. We’ll thoroughly examine your returns, and carefully consider every opportunity to lower the amount owed or increase a refund.

Did you know?

Estate Tax Return (Federal form 706) – This return is a summary of the assets, less the related final debts and expenses and is required to be prepared and filed within nine (9) months of the date of death. A six (6) month extension is commonly granted by the IRS but any estate taxes due must be paid with the extension.

Fiduciary Tax Returns (Federal form 1041) – Annual tax returns are required to be prepared from the Date of Death through year end for the entire administrative period. Often times, this period may require many years and multiple tax returns to be prepared.

Final Individual Tax Returns (Federal form 1040) – As Successor Trustee, you are required to prepare and file the final tax returns for the decedent.